Sologrande is a manufacturer of Beds, Headboards, Ottomans, Sofas, Armchairs, Sleigh Beds, Mattresses and more based in Cape Town, South Africa. We also manufacture custom furniture specific to your order. As a supplier of serial and bespoke furniture, we bring your dreams to life. Bring your product idea to us and we can manufacture it for you. As a manufacturer of basic and premium beds, headboards, ottomans, sofas and other custom furniture items, we pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality furniture that delivers on simplicity and affordability. If you require a more complex custom upholstered furniture, bring your idea and our team will make it happen.
Since the start of business, our motto and goal has been simple:
"Quality and Affordability".
We supply furniture that deliver on quality, simplicity, and affordability.
We source all our raw materials within South Africa to support local employment, businesses and trade.
As a small family-owned company with a passion for providing premium products, attentive customer care and unrivaled pricing we want to preserve and protect our planet for generations to come, which leads to the development of our eco-friendly products and close to zero waste. We strive to innovate and elevate in the private and hospitality industry to reach a new standard of excellence in order to inspire future generations!